The Best (and worst) Bodybuilding and Lifting YouTube Channels

“The Medium in the Mass-Age”

No one would ever accuse  bodybuilders of being a narcissistic bunch, but YouTube provides the perfect medium for their egocentricism to take full blossom in the form of animated digital sound and Technicolor. I suppose it’s only natural that as YouTube caters primarily to assholes, it’s content will be, by and large, devised and delivered by assholes. Now, thanks to technology we can voluntarily invite the gym asshole/know it all into our living rooms via any device equipped with a screen and wi-fi. When civilization (or bodybuilding – whichever comes first) is all but a smoldering shell of a long forgotten, woe-begotten era, the descendants of those times will point their fingers at the former YouTube channels of asshats like Jason Blaha, bios3training, and Nick Wright Bodybuilding as evidence for its deserved demise.

Despite the plethora of shit clogging the cyber-airwaves, occasionally- very occasionally – beams of light shine through from the collective darkened dregs to offer hope that the medium can be used for good and not just as an additional mirror for shameful self admiration and promotion. These rare few sites are examples of offerings of sound advice, entertainment and solid assurance that the creator does in fact, indeed lift.


Powerlifting To Win – I discovered Izzy’s channel one day when typing “Why does 5/3/1 suck?” into my Google machine and have since devoured every article both on his YouTube channel and personal website. The guy is intelligent, articulate and straight up helpful on all matters pertaining to power-lifting and strength training. He breaks down many popular programs, lays out his own training in various videos and interjects a lot of real life philosophy into his methods. He’s the consummate thinking man’s lifter and I REALLY recommend you check out his channel and website if you are interested in power-lifting or simply want to get stronger in the quickest and most efficient way possible. I can’t underscore enough how much I’ve learned in the past few months from frequenting his page daily.


Candito Training HQ  -Another sharp, sharp guy with plenty of amazing training/power-lifting advice and the goods to back it up. Jonnie is only 21 years old but  lifts like a veteran wise beyond his years. The guy is totally drug free, tested and competes regularly recently totalling 1504.7 at the IPF meet. What I like about Jonnie is that the guy not only knows his shit backwards and forwards, he is extremely humble and giving of his time and knowledge. I’m currently testing his 6 week intermediate strength program that he makes available free on his homepage and I’m loving it.


Mike Tuchscherer– Mike is the progenitor of a lot of the best lifting advice when it comes to natural power-lifting as well as being a multiple world record holder . Mike is not only responsible for mind-boggling personal results (totalling 2110 at a drug tested meet), but he has trained many others to titles and records as well. Tuchscherer might not be the most interesting guy to listen to, but the magic is in the message not necessarily the delivery in this case. Watching him make short work of 730lb deadlifts for 5 reps only makes me thankful that I’ve discovered his stuff sooner and not later.

mountain dog

Mountaindog1 – I’m a big fan of John’s articles and bodybuilding wisdom. He’s an innovator to be sure and some of the movements he’s devised are ingenious in hitting muscles in ways you’ve never felt possible. His channel is like a “go-to-encyclopedia” of training movements depending on which body-part you wish to train.


Sam’s Fitness – Always been a big Lee Priest fan. He’s a living train wreck in his personal life, but more power to him for having the balls to live, say and do things on his terms. His time as an IFBB athlete was constantly fraught with controversy over the outlandish shit he’d say and do, but nevertheless he’s still one of the best physiques and strongest bodybuilders to ever walk the planet. This channel is operated by a company that sells fitness and training equipment, yet they do weekly videos with Lee using various pieces and chatting about a variety of topics. Lee is always hilarious, offensive and informative.

max muscle tv

Max Muscle TV – Some episodes are hit and miss, but MM-TV provides a somewhat entertaining and informative window to fitness and bodybuilding in Australia in a way that most free to air TV channels wouldn’t dare to tackle. Considering the longevity of the show (now in it’s seventh season) and the explosion in popularity of bodybuilding in Australia the last few years, I think it’s hitting it’s mark.

Dishonorable Mentions – (Yes, I’m fully aware that even mentioning the following channels could only serve to boost their views and traffic, but if you want to stick your tongue on these frozen flagpoles, be my guest)

Hodge Twins – unfucking funniest people on the planet. I can’t understand the reasons behind the popularity of their channel. Never underestimate the stupidity of the crowd in this case.

Ian McCarthy – no evidence suggesting that he even lifts. Strong belief that he uses CGI created weights to simulate workouts and food.

Nick Wright – if narcissism and hubris had a name….

Jason Blaha – Ice Cream Fitness –  If you take fitness related advice from a fat man, you need to visit a shrink, not a YouTube channel.



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