Month: September 2014

Muscle Magazines Review – August-September

Ughh. A bit late this month with this month’s muscle-rag reviews. There isn’t enough Red Bull in Thailand to keep me awake while wading through these pages of wearisome wank sometimes. The first few pages are dedicated to the thrilling topic of how California is no longer the Mecca of bodybuilding and that things have…


Hercules 12 Labors Diet Review

We see them all the time. Workouts and diets of the pros featured in magazines that a lot of the time seem to defy logic or the capabilities of the average mortal who trains recreationally. Drugs and genetics allow the fortunate few to do that which is impossible for those without the gifts, time or…


Hypertrophy Specific Training (HST) – Part 2 – Reflection and Resuts

The last half of the program involves working up to your 5RM and then staying with those weights for a final two weeks, or using heavy eccentrics. Not having access to a reliable spotter(s), I’ve always just repeated the 5’s for the last two weeks when using this program in the past. Week 5 + 6…