Interviews With Champions

Youtube and social media are providing bodybuilding fans with unparalleled access to their favourite athletes. While much of the oversaturated showboating that passes for media-presence these days is off-putting, I’m appreciative of the efforts of certain aficionados digging into the archives of past champions and plumbing their memories for anecdotes, tips and secrets long forgotten.

If you’re a fan of the sport than you’ll love the in depth interviews with these classic icons.


Dorian Yates Interview One – An incredibly revealing and candid look at one of bodybuilding’s most secretive icons by Youtube Channel, London Real. It’s a stunning insight into the mind of a pure champion’s psychology and a man who single handedly engineered his own success through pure hard work and dogged determination. Forget High Intensity Training – this guy is all about High Intensity Living.

Despite some of his recent kooky proclamations, it’s good to see that Dorian has transcended his identity as a bodybuilder and explored life beyond the boundaries of convention.

Part Two was recently released and while much of it treads similar ground, it’s great to witness Dorian’s continuing evolution.  Dorian Yates Interview Two –

bill grant

The highly underrated Bill Grant

John Hansen is a long time face on the bodybuilding scene and has done quite a few excellent interviews with some notable legends of the iron game. If you’re a fan of the classic era identities then I’d definitely check out some of these interviews.

Mike Katz –

Bill Grant

Boyer Coe –

Chris Dickerson –

Shawn Ray –

Samir Bannout –

Rich Gaspari –

mike quinn

Mike Quinn was a hell-raiser back in the day. Always an inflammatory and entertaining straight shooter – he tells it like it is (and once was) in this interview.

Jerry Brainum

Jerry Brainum is probably more well known for his articles in just about every bodybuilding rag in existence as well as being former editor for Flex Magazine. He was also on the scene with Arnold and many of the familiar faces of the Venice Beach Golden era and this interview goes into a lot of detail about the training methods back then.

Interesting to note that the guys didn’t train hard all year round but would mainly ramp up the intensity, volume, eating and gear use just before a contest. I always had the impression that the old school guys were in the gym twice a day, 6 days a week busting ass, but it seems that outside of the contest season much of their time was spent doing light maintenance stuff or just dicking around for half hour sessions. 

It wasn't always balls to the wall back in Arnold's day. Offseason generally meant getting smaller - not ballooning out like today's bodybuilders.

It wasn’t always balls to the wall back in Arnold’s day. Offseason generally meant getting smaller – not ballooning out like today’s bodybuilders.

Tim Ferris – Arnold – not strictly a bodybuilding interview but one of the more recent lengthy journeys into the mind of THE undisputed godfather of bodybuilding. Valuable for its insights

Mike Morris in his competitive heyday

Mike Morris in his competitive heyday

Mike Morris was a beast back in the late 90s and early 2000’s but went into early retirement after health concerns forced him to a crossroads in his bodybuilding journey. In this fascinating tell all interview he comes clean about his misadventures in the sport – drug use, gay for pay, the California party scene and his run ins with the law. Amazing interview.

Mike Morris now.

Mike Morris now.

flex wheeler
Flex Wheeler – most recent interview with one of the best guys to never win an Olympia – Flex is the polar opposite of Dorian in mindset, plagued with crushing self doubt most of his pro career despite being the most genetically gifted of any other athlete on stage. Flex’s theory on what’s producing the proliferation of protruding pro paunches is poignant and relates to the paucity of professional posing practice.


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