How To Pass A Drug Tested Contest – Secrets Of Becoming A Diet Guru

Dave Down Under


From skinny college runner to 90’s Mega-beast, Dave knows muscle.

dave young

Back in June of this year I had an opportunity to attend a seminar given in Sydney by Dave Palumbo on the topic of contest prep. All aspects were covered including

  • offseason and contest diets
  • supplements
  • creating safe performance enhancing drug cycles
  • peak week protocols.

Listening to Dave speak was an unforgettable experience and the guy is a natural communicator with a wealth of knowledge. He didn’t “umm” or “ahhh” once for the 10 hours he spoke and answered all questions no matter how controversial the topic.

Each participant was given the Palumbo Playbook – an exhaustive 80+ page nutrition, training, supplementation and P.E.D bible covering all the topics discussed at the seminar and more.

I personally learned a lot and would recommend any of Dave’s seminars or courses to anyone looking to expand their own knowledge as a trainer or contest prep coach.


rx muscle

Palumbo’s channel Rx Muscle is in my opinion, the best Youtube channel for content and entertaining bodybuilding news available.

Sneak Peek From The Palumbo Playbook

How To Pass A Drug Test – Drug Cycles For Tested Contests 

(Information is for entertainment purposes only and is not to be taken seriously as an endorsement for drug use)

  1. 20mcg Clen 2x a day (increase by 20mcg every 1-3 weeks never going over 120mcg per day) Spread 20mcg doses throughout the day. Stop clen 10 days before the comp.
  2. Cytomel (T3) 25mcg per day (increase 12.5mcg every 1-3 weeks as necessary). Non-detectable and can run up to the show.
  3. Don’t take ephedrine as it competes with clenbuterol for the same beta-2 receptors.
  4. GH right up to the tested event. Most tests aren’t accurate and are too expensive to reliably run.
  5. Skip Yohimbine as a fat burner as it retains water.
  6. Never use Deca or Equipoise (boldenone) – metabolites can stay in the body for up to 18 and 12 months respectively.
  7. Long acting injectables such as test-cyp, test enanthate, tren e, primobolan-e, and masteron-e should be stopped 8 weeks out
  8. Short acting injectable such as tren-a, test prop, masteron prop, winstrol, primobolan acetate should be stopped 4 weeks out.
  9. Orals stopped 2 weeks out.
  10. Stop clen 7-10 days out.
  11. Anti-estrogens such as nolvadex, arimidex, aromasin and letrozole are rarely tested for and can be used right up to the event.
  12. Diuretics are usually tested for but Demadex (torsemide) when used in low amounts (5mg in 2-3 doses total) doesn’t seem to be detectable on blood tests.
  13. Synthol is fine right up to the day of the show. Non detectable.
  14. Beating the Polygraph – take 5mg of Valium or 1/2 Xanax on an empty stomach 30-45 mins before the polygraph.




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