Muscular Development Magazine – November Review


cody m

21 year old phenom Cody Montgomery graces the cover this month after his record breaking three-peat at the Junior levels and eventual pro card win. Blechman touts Cody as being the next big thing – a somewhat dubious honour (read, kiss of death) that has been conferred on many an eventual disappointment – the latest being the demise of potential that is Trey Brewer. Brewer was marked as being the Great White Hype, but fizzled out as sumo-bulking and drug induced Palumboism claimed another physique before its peak.

Trey Brewer was the next Great White Hype but burned out before his time.

Trey Brewer was the next Great White Hype but burned out before his time.

Under the tutelage of Chris Aceto, there’s a lot of noise about the kid’s condition and potential considering his age – but looking at someone like Lee Priest 20 years ago at the same age, it’s clear cut Priest would have destroyed Cody on any stage.

lee priest 203

Lee Priest at 20

lee priest 202  lee priest 20

The question put to the pro-panel of Ray, Levrone and Yates this month is the issue regarding exclusive contracts and their viability in the social media/internet age. With MD representing the perhaps the last vestige of a now dying commercial publishing enterprise, there’s an overwhelming consensus that they days of enabling athletes to ride an “exclusive contract gravy train” is a thing of the past.

I have to agree with a recent video on Rx Muscle that the social media daily blitz of updates has removed a lot of the mystique that once existed in bodybuilding – we once had to wait months to even find out which athletes won the Olympia – let alone see the condition they presented in the magazine spreads. Not it’s instant gratification via insta-saturation.

Vince Taylor - Forgotten legend?

Vince Taylor – Forgotten legend?

Solomon revives the career of the great Vince Taylor – a name that is rarely remembered when the“G.O.A.T.” lists crop up from time to time. Taylor competed in a packed field and won 22 titles; a resume that was second only to that of Coleman. Vince was dominant in the now defunct Masters Olympia Class and presented some of the most memorable posing routines of the era. He also stomped many of the big names in the sport including Gaspari, Labrada, Ray, Wheeler and Cormier.

jay cutler

McGough’s interview with Jay chronicles Cutler’s long and arduous climb to the top of the competitive Olympia mountain from his 2nd last start to king of the crop. Jay’s a workhorse and a fighter, no doubt.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 11.56.46 am

Dianabol Slin Bailey?

Dianabol ‘Slin Bailey?

DLB weighs in on why she didn’t compete in this year’s O – sounds like her and Rob have many fingers in many pies business-wise from their own supplement company, gym to Rob’s music and car construction shop.

George Farah chimes in over the hotly debated Dana Lynn Bailey topic over whether she’s natty or not. With videos on youtube channels appearing every other day speculating on who’s natural and who uses drugs, it’s becoming a played out issue that unfortunately garners a video thousands of hits above the norm. They’re click bait candy for people needing confirmation of their own insecurities and fitness failings. It’s easier to label someone a drug user then neglect the hard work that and genetic superiority which is responsible for the majority of top ranking physiques. I’ve known plenty of people over the years both male and female who have been absolutely genetic phenoms and I can say with certainty haven’t used drugs – they’re just blessed outliers.

Some people just tank up earlier than others with more success - a 17 year old Cody Montgomery.

Some people just tank up earlier than others with more success – a 17 year old Cody Montgomery.

Conversely, there’s plenty of people that use drugs that look like shit. Certainly, safe money would be on the fact that people in the pro ranks who depend on their physique for their livelihoods, almost certainly would use some PED’s, some or all of the time.

But at the end of the day, who cares and why would you waste energy worrying about it? I also think George Farah is one of the slimiest fucks in an industry of slimey fucks but that’s just my opinion.

Research Roundup

Strength and hypertrophy can be maximised by using heavier loads of 1RM in the squat – Researchers at the Journal of Strength Conditioning found that motor unit activation, as measured by peak EMG amplitude, was greatest when training at 90 percent of one-repetition maximum (1RM) to failure, compared to training at 70 percent or 50 percent of 1RM to failure including weight training in the exercise program could help preserve muscle mass and enhance mitochondrial capacity. (Medicine Science Sports Exercise, 47: 1922-1931, 2015)

A Columbia University study comparing people who ate no breakfast, oatmeal or frosted flakes showed that skipping breakfast triggered weight loss during a four-week study, while breakfast eaters experienced no change.
(Obesity, published online September 6, 2012; The Washington Post, August 10, 2015)

Beware parenthood – Over time, non-fathers decreased BMI. Researchers studied more than 10,000 men over a 20-year period. Fatherhood could increase the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and premature death. (American Journal of Men’s Health, published online July 21, 2015)

Eat your veg and protein before your carbs for lower blood sugar response, especially for people with type 2 diabetes.

An analysis of seven studies showed that consuming two grams of ginger per day will help relieve post-exercise muscle soreness and promote recovery. Journal Strength Conditioning Research, published online July 11, 2015)
I alway make sure to whack a generous serve of ginger in my post workout fruit and veg green shake blend.


Capsaicin seems to be the wonder herb of the month for its capacity to reduce cholesterol, improve cardiovascular function in people, increase serum nitric oxide levels, suppress appetite and improve metabolic rate.

Warmups can be beneficial in priming the nervous system for heavier lifts, potential for reducing injury – I really like Paul Carter’s protocol for warmups which works like this.

Based on everyday max:

5 x 40%

4 x 50%

3 x 60%

2 x 75%

1 x 85% (over-warmup)

73-77% AMRAP

As classic as you can get - Steve Reeves.

As classic as you can get – Steve Reeves.

An article on building a classic physique vs raw size picks up on the shifting trend of guys gravitating towards either a men’s physique or men’s classic look. The IFBB have formerly created a class to cater for the demand of those wanting to achieve a less extreme look than the current crop of mass monsters. Building a classic physique focuses on the development of the ideal “X-Frame”. Everything relies on symmetry and proportions – emphasising quad sweep and balance between body-parts.

Francis Benfatto

Francis Benfatto

Certain exercises are prioritised over others such as front-squats to regular squats because the latter may detrimentally thicken the waist and indiscriminately overdevelop the glutes. Ab work involves anything that doesn’t involve weight. Those with narrow clavicles should avoid overdevelopment of the traps and definitely shift to prioritising the lateral and rear delts to give the illusion of width. Deadlfts, flat bench and oblique work are also to be avoided for these reasons.

Avoid exercises that unnecessarily thicken the waist.

Avoid exercises that unnecessarily thicken the waist.

Common areas of weakness that jump out at novice competitions include weak upper pecs, hamstrings, quad sweep and calves. Regular photos should be taken to monitor progress so that everything remains in the proper proportions. No Tom Platz quads, Ernie Taylor triceps welcome on a classic physique.

Over-dominant body parts have no place in the Classic Division.

Over-dominant body parts have no place in the Classic Division.

Furthermore, balance between the upper and lower body is paramount with neither half dominating the other.

Eating strategies should steer away from unnecessary bulking and eating large quantities of food. Growth and insulin should also be avoided.

43 year old Justin Compton...what?...he's only 27??

43 year old Justin Compton…what?…he’s only 27??

Another name touted to be big in the future is Justin Compton who will succeed Heath in a future Mr Olympia because “Heath has maxed out his frame” in Ron Harris’ words.

Gone are the days of these quality lineups in shows other than the Olympia.

Gone are the days of these quality lineups in shows other than the Olympia.

Where have the all the superstars gone? – laments yet another aspect of the dying sport which is bodybuilding – once prominent shows like the Arnold and Ironman are missing top marquee names in their lineups. Many of today’s draw cards save their competitive eggs for the Olympia basket citing contest prep costs, health effects and the fact that contest appearances aren’t mandatory in many supplement contract clauses anymore. You also have more guys earning pro cards now who wouldn’t even have been able to hang in the 90’s amateur leagues. Some of the proposals by the MD team is to eliminate the points system allowing automatic Olympia participation except for the winner. Others say to raise the prize money which in some big contests hasn’t increased in over a decade and group the shows together allowing the pros to swing from one show to another.

Test boosters are mostly shit and won’t do much to augment your own natural levels or help you recover using PCT.

Can cialis to enhance the effects of an anabolic cycle? Besides giving a good pump, it’s effects are very mild.

Asking the pros – does getting bigger make you stronger?
Dexter Jackson says that he uses lighter weights these days but could still at one time squat 600lb and bench 500lbs. For longevity he’s had to back it off and train smarter.
All 3 pros interviewed agree that maintaining their size post competition won’t be a priority because of the sucky nature of having to eat so much every few hours. Non bodybuilders think it’s cool to be able to large amounts of food, but for anyone who’s had do so on a daily basis knows how much it blows.
The pros also speak about exercises they’ve had to ditch as the laundry list of battle wounds has accumulated over the years – Dips, Skull Crushers, Heavy Squats and those infamous shoulder killers, behind the neck press are the ones to watch for.

I wonder if Jean-Pierre Fux wished he had ditched the heavy squats before this training mishap happened.

I wonder if Jean-Pierre Fux wished he had ditched the heavy squats before this training mishap happened.

Lee Haney beats the drum for old school training methods and says today’s pros shitty physiques and incessant injuries are the result of a ‘powerlifting’ , training to failure mentality.He disparages the hiring of “training coaches” by the pros and their “once-per-week” body-part frequency schedules. A lot of HIT advocates love to quote Haney’s “stimulate, don’t annihilate” mantra as proof of a low volume-low frequency approach, but Haney was a high volume, lower weight, and rarely if ever trained to failure. His longevity and good health today are testament to a more moderate approach.

Guru Wars - An industry standard these days?

Guru Wars – An industry standard and necessary evil? 

Arnold’s corner discusses his view on steroids and his own history of PED use. It’s a bullshit puff piece that basically aims to exonerate Arnold’s image from the modern day controversy of steroid use. “He” – (Arnold doesn’t exactly write this shit) plays his personal use off as an innocent dabbling, but the accounts of others who knew him at the time can account for his reckless use of drugs. Arnold’s preworkout of choice,  according to biographer Wendy Leigh, was to “wash a handful of dianabol down with a glass of milk and proclaim that “now, I’m ready to train.”

Dianabol Milk Shakes - Preworkout of Champs.

Dianabol Milk Shakes – Preworkout of Champs.

Another month down.


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