Five Bullet Friday

Inspired by Tim Ferris’, 5-Bullet-Friday email newsletter, I’m going to make this a regular Friday feature for when I can’t be assed typing up a long article Friday afternoons. Basically a capture of things that jump out at me over the week, book, pic & film shares

secret history star wars

Currently Reading: “The Secret History of Star Wars”

Star Wars was the first film I ever saw at the drive-in movies and I was a huge fan growing up, collecting and watching anything to do with the 3 films. The prequels were fucking rubbish and don’t exist in my mind. I don’t hold out a lot of hope for the new sequels based on the previews and what appears to be a contemporary Hollywood feminist and racial approach to casting. This book however has been an enjoyable and informative backstory on the franchises conception, evolution and cultural impact with enough juicy details to keep any fanboy geek happy.


Currently Watching: “The Man In The High Castle”  

Based on the alternate history novel by Philip K Dick and produced by Ridley Scott, it’s set in an America 15 years after it has lost the Second World. This is receiving a lot of high praise and critical acclaim, but I watched the first episode and it failed to grab me. I couldn’t give two shits about the characters and the entire episode was full of groan worthy tropes. I’ll watch a couple more episodes to see if it improves.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 12.23.05 pm

Bodybuilding Related Find: Anabolic Lab and “Roid Kits”

In the minefield which is anabolic use these days, users must navigate the health risks of not only using potentially dangerous compounds, but using underground products brewed in labs that may or may not produce a sterile or even an authentic product.

In the interests of information and harm reduction, Anabolic Lab is a helpful site that’s evolved to independently test a number of these UGL products for purity and authenticity. It’s already tested a range of labs providing a number of lab-test pdf reports. You can help fund their enterprise by contributing to their Go-Fund-Me costs.

Dave Palumbo in his “Ask Dave” Youtube vid for this week also mentioned that he will be selling test-kits on his site so that users can test the authenticity of their gear. These “Roid Test” home testing kits come from mind of Bill Lewellyn, the author of the Anabolic Reference Guide and enables users to test pretty much every steroid that’s commonly used including orals.

Sergio Jnr

Quote of the Week

Sergio Olivia Jnr who won the the NPC Nationals last week was interviewed on Tony Doherty’s channel and had this to say about the 90’s guys.

“The 90s was the best part of bodybuilding – even just the nationals and NPC had such insane lineups – it’s even like their skin was different, we’re never gonna know what was so different about the 90s…..’98 Ronnie was the best physique ever and then it started getting out of control”

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 11.24.39 am

Pic of the Week

Can’t work out what’s going on here. Is Arnold doing bench squats? Squatting in the bench rack? Are Zane and Draper changing his weights mid rep? Why does Arnold look like a nervous teenage beginner? 






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