Five Bullet Friday

What I’m Reading 

babel no more

 “Babel No More” – Michael Erard – one man’s quest to seek out the secrets of the world’s best polyglots. It’s an interesting look at the mindset, techniques and myths surrounding the art of learning multiple languages. 

What I’m Watching

crash course

Crash Course Anatomy & Physiology – I’ve been following the Crash Course Youtube Channel for a few years now and it’s a brilliant fast-track primer on a range of topics that are excellent for review or establishing a working knowledge where none previously existed. The History one is also brilliant. 

Quote of the week

“We learn to swim by watching others drown”

haha, as I fumble my way through this bodybuilding journey, I think that could be the tag-line for this blog. 

What I’m listening to


“Geard Up Podcast” – some of the biggest names in bodybuilding appear on this podcast with outstanding interviews from John Meadows, Frank Zane and Dorian Yates to name a few. Don’t know how I missed this until now, but perfect for those long car rides.  

Bodybuilding News

leroy colbert

The passing of Leroy Colbert. An impressive physique in his day and someone who actively preached the iron-gospel to the end.

Once I switch back to high volume I’m gonna dedicate a workout to the first man with 21 inch arms based on Colbert’s own full body, 42 set monster workout. I love these high volume old school strength routines and think they serve beginners through to advanced trainees well.

Don’t think of it as overtraining – think of it as building work capacity and keep a rep or two in the tank most workouts.

(via T-nation – Brad Kelley)

colbert routine

Pic of The Week

leroy spot

Leroy Colbert receiving a spot on barbell tricep extensions, old school style. Not sure how bodybuilding ever became correlated with the gay lifestyle.

Till next week!




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