Five Bullet Friday

What I’m Reading

A couple of good ones this week

“The Truth” – by Neil Strauss is a would be sequel to his best selling “The Game” where investigating the internet pickup artist subculture, Strauss  learns their methods to sort out his own non-existent love life.

As a now reformed pussy chaser, his new book is a very raw and introspective look at his winding road to discovering the process of self mastery, healing and the minefield of relationship options available today.

Scott Adams’ (the guy who created the Dilbert comics) “How To Fail At Almost Everything and Still Win Big” is also part memoir of sorts, imparting helpful bits of wisdom from a someone that “has failed at more things than anyone he knows.” It’s not just another one of those cookie-cutter self-improvement book filled with trite, feel-good quips; Adams provides a lot of actionable, helpful tips to making improvements in all areas of your life.

I’ll review each book more in depth in later posts, but it’s a pair of 5 star books for anyone wanting a good holiday read.


What I’m Watching

I’ve become a big fan of Brian Johnson’s Philosopher’s Notes YouTube Channel and subscribed to the brilliant summaries available on his site. Brian reads a tonne of self-improvement books related to a bunch of different fields and distills the essence of each read into actionable summaries. The channel also features excellent interviews with various authors along with “micro-classes ” on honing particular success skills. For those who don’t have a lot of time (or patience) to read the mountain of self-improvement, psychology and performance based books out there, then these YouTube videos alone are an amazing wealth of daily wisdom and motivation. Highly recommended.


What I’m Listening To

Muscle Radio with Scott Goble and Luke Schembri not updated as often as I’d like, these two  competitive Aussie bodybuilders are fast becoming industry icons down-under with their entertaining, informative banter and social media presence. Their podcast hosts a lot of notable industry names and the tips and bullshit free commentary are a must-listen for any fan of the sport.

Quote Of The Week

“No matter what your point of view may be, you can always find someone with a Ph.D to support it” – Neil Strauss, “The Truth”

Pic Of The Week


For me, this picture speaks volumes about the career trajectory of Arnold vs. Lou. Arnold, adored and loved by everyone always managed to win out (and in this case, even when not directly in the spotlight) and always got the girl. Lou could only look on in frustrated envy from the bleachers charging $20 for fan photos at expos and never being able to shift the typecast role of being “just a bodybuilder”.  With a less than stellar reputation for his interaction with the fans, I’ve always maintained that the heaviest weight Lou ever carried was the chip on his shoulder.



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