30 Days of Crapp – DoggCrap Training Results and Thoughts


As a change of pace from the high volume and frequency of HST, I bounced to the opposite end of the spectrum to give DoggCrapp training another try. I had used this program years ago when I was on a HIT kick, but found that I was burnt out within a few weeks from its demanding intensity, beyond-failure rest-pause sets and high rep widow-makers.

I realise that 30 days isn’t a fair enough length to judge the efficacy of any program, but mentally I needed a break from the admittedly repetitive tedium associated with HST. ANY program begins to mentally grind a person down after a while, and I’ve found that when this happens, provided you’re not bouncing randomly from program to program in an ad hoc, ADHD fashion, you can make new gains on the basis of renewed enthusiasm alone.

I’m also not talking about using totally new exercises either, although some variation on that front can also light the motivational spark, but  I’ve found that in order to make TRUE progress, I have to keep a selection of basic exercises and build on them from program to program. Switching from incline bench to decline, you might notice that suddenly, even miraculously, your bench figures shoot up with predictable consistency the first few weeks, but this is mainly due to neural adaptations taking place.

If you’re unfamiliar with DoggCrapp training you can read a summary of it here.

I’m still on the ABCDE diet program so that I’m not running such a high intensity program on petrol fumes. I alternate 5 days of 1700 cals with 5 3000 calorie days. For some reason I perform better in the gym on the lower calories – and on the high calorie days the hunger cravings are really hard to control. Carbs are such a trigger for me to the point that I’m climbing the fucking walls trying to figure out HOW I can possibly convert that pizza into a zero calorie meal. I’ve worked out that for discipline’s sake, it’s very much all or nothing when it comes to dieting psychology for me.

I can’t be just a little bit pregnant.

dave henry

Dave Henry – famous DC Training and teeth whitening advocate

In regards to my short-run DC Training experience, here are a few thoughts;


I like how you can focus laser like intensity, channelling everything into one set and drive things to the limit.

I definitely felt more recovered than normal physically and mentally – I was reacting to daily stress a lot better. I no longer required an afternoon, 2 hour nap before the gym. Sex drive was improved and appetite, unfortunately, through the roof. This was strange because years ago when I tried this program it absolutely buried me recovery wise. I think with all the volume training, I’ve pushed my work capacity so high, that this kind of approach feels like I could’ve done more and then some.

The free time…such much free time.


The free time – when you’re used to working out, it’s hard when that daily meditation/physical outlet is suddenly removed.

Without a daily full body workout, I began to miss the “pumped-all-the-time-full” feeling that comes with it.

I lost some strength on a few of the lifts, but pushed others a little higher. I simply feel stronger when I “practice” the lifts more frequently. With such a large gap of time between lifts on the DC program, I don’t receive that neural connection and several big lifts ended up going down the toilet.

I started to feel approaching niggles and the potential for injury. On a set of incline curls I felt a shooting pain run the length of my forearm to my elbow. It still persists a week later and makes chins, arm work, squeezing my fist and several other exercises a painful task.

Would I do DC Training again? Absolutely. It’s a really fun program (I say that in a masochistic sense) and for those wanting a way to focus on driving their lifts up over time, there’s no better way than aiming all your energies into beating that log book each week. Also, if you’re strapped for time or approaching a busy period at work, the reduced frequency makes this a blessing.

At the end of the 30 days and my last 5 day low calorie stretch, I snapped the following pics (on the right) upon waking with my computer’s webcam ; albeit indoors and with different lighting compared to some of the previous weeks.

Showing these most recent pics to someone I trust to give me honest feedback , he told me that I should rethink my decision to compete unless I can add more size and address my glaring weak-points.

In the words of my 3rd eye…“know that there are some fuckin JACKED up dudes – the novice line up alone at the show just gone was next level – i put about 7 novice competitors at the national level straight away, one at the international level and would have been competitive with the likes of jaco de bryuen and sadik”

Another person said I looked better a year ago (the pics on the left) and should skip this show and wait another 6 months.

More than a few people who haven’t seen me in a while have commented on the theme of “holy shit – you’ve lost a lot of size”….all good for the confidence levels going into a show.

Granted the two pics above are taken at different angles and with different lighting, but are the current photos that much more dramatically worse than the ones before??

I’m torn inside because there’s no way I’m reneging on my commitment to the show, but at the same time I don’t want to look foolish and be completely blown off the stage. The competition here is pretty fucking fierce with guys going all out to get that plastic trophy.


I’m competing against the likes of this???

I also feel that I’m honestly giving this 100% and there isn’t much more I can physically do to be any better….

Going through this week of a shouldering a tonne of self-doubt, I’ve slipped on my diet a few days eating a bit more on the high calorie days. I’m fucking addicted to rice-cakes and I’m like a shark on a feeding frenzy once I tear open a bag.

Quest Bars are the devil and should never be bought by the box by anyone who is dieting because there is NO FUCKING WAY you can stick to eating just one when the hunger demons strike at night.


Even this pic makes me hungry for these fucking things

Last weekend I was lying there at 8:00pm, macros and meals for the day done when the Quest Bar cravings hit and had me driving 20 mins to the gym’s vending machine to buy a couple.

I’m looking forward to my 6 week vacation starting today as that will put me 10 weeks out from the show and allow me to add some more size….hopefully.







  7 comments for “30 Days of Crapp – DoggCrap Training Results and Thoughts

  1. Schimi
    December 22, 2015 at 9:37 am

    Hi Shawn,

    Nice DC write up and I felt somewhat similar to too much free time lol. I think some exercises are great and very suited to R-P sets but some are asking for an injury. I usually transit from building up volume phase (usually 4-6 weeks depends how I feel and how hard I pushed that phase) into 2-3 weeks of HIT and R-P techniques. Think of it as a kind of deload as I get some extra time off in that period. Sometimes even 2 days off/light activities work wonders and I’m itching to ramp up volume again.

    Swimming,sauna,stretching there and freezing cold showers afterwards are absolutely superb on those days off.I feel mentally and physically well recovered after such a period of training.

    I think you feel yourself that you’re ready to blast it volume wise and get your body growing again. I’d reverse diet from now on especially from what I understood from reading your articles that your body type is ectomorphic and in demand for high cals intake. It seems to me that your conditioning is crisper and better in your recent pics,size wise not smaller but it’s very hard to judge by pics. I think your body is asking for more fuel to improve IMHO. Is that person you trust seeing you regularly? Like once a week at least? Maybe try running 2000 cals on those low cals day and 3300 on high cals day? Please don’t give up,you said yourself you giving it 100% and that’s what matters!!!;-)
    Are you competing in natty federation or you aiming to compete against juiced up line up? Keep going at it and just focus on being the best you can cos at the end it’s all we can do with our genetics; -)


  2. December 22, 2015 at 11:54 pm

    Hey Schimi, sounds like we’re on the same page training wise. I think Poliquin used to refer to training blocks as Accumulation and Intensification phases which followed the planned ebbs and flows of volume and frequency. I noticed that all programs that incorporate some kind of periodisation incorporate blocks of high volume for a period of time followed by a short back off period or deload to allow supercompensation to occur.

    Was very surprised that DC training made me feel so good recovery wise, because from all accounts this kind of training to failure and beyond is supposed to rip you up….

    Yes, from this week I hit the volume again. It was a debate whether to use HST running up to the comp, but with every second week slightly deloading the weight, I thought it would be better to really start driving the pace for the next 8 weeks. I’m using Big Beyond Belief (6 day per week template) at the moment, because it’s VERY similar in principles to HST, only without the biweekly dip in weights. I’m on vacation for the next 6 weeks, so I’ll be able to hit this very hard with little distractions or work stress.

    I’m competing in the IFBB Classic and Masters division, but because it’s height and weight tested a lot of guys enter the classic division natty or using very little gear because of those restrictions. I’m already 2-3kg from my weight class, but I want to come in cut to the bone because these lighter divisions always won on conditioning. The natty shows down here are a disappointment, because there’s so many competitors now that they’ve axed the posing rounds. IFBB is where the prestige and real competition is, and if I win my class I get sent to the 2nd ever Arnold Classic in Sydney, so that’s kind of cool.

    I’ll try playing with the calories amounts you suggested and see how I fill out….at this stage 11 weeks out, I’m looking lean…but I want to be shredded and ready 2 weeks out from the show by the time I’m back at work.

    Thanks for the comments as always. Do you have a blog/site of your own?


    • Schimi
      December 23, 2015 at 6:39 pm

      Hi Shawn,

      Yes,we are definitely so alike not just training and diet wise but also the same regarding the mental and spiritual aspects of this game and life in general. I very much enjoyed your journey and life in Thailand! Life away from corporate and consumable world resonates with me strongly 😉

      As for you competing in classic division and being not that far from your max weight limit I’d defo try to increase your cals by a notch and closely monitor after 2 to 3 weeks how your body reacts. There’s quite a big possibility that your body will increase your metabolic rate and you’ll drop weight. I personally carb rotate at that stage and try to tune with my body on daily basis. 2 days of carb up for me is the max than I’m starting to spill over but you being metabolicly more efficient could do with more. What’s your weight limit buddy? Sometimes 2-3 weeks of higher cals (some cases maintenance or over) can do wonders for fat loss and density 😉

      It’s good to keep decent volume and intensity but that’s so individual that autoregulation is big factor at this stage. I do run DUP kind of system and go by the feel on the spot. Sometimes explosive or “pumping” type of exercise get me in such a zone that I hit PR’s on that day… and sometimes not 😀 if I don’t feel in tune with my body than I do minimum but that minimum is DY style and all out. Sometimes I’m somewhere in the middle and do my version of DC with more volume at pretty high intensities. I think you hit it right on the nail with focusing on progression of the main lifts cos that’s what really matters the most at the end of the day.

      Regarding me having a blog, no not really buddy as I’m pretty much squeezed for the time with working, commuting to work,training, shopping, cooking,reading and self educating aaand mainly being a “dad” to my baby dog Lenny lol BUT it’s something I’d like to do in future for sure;-)

      PS those replys turning into emails now 😀


      • December 26, 2015 at 1:21 am

        Hey mate, hope you’re enjoying the holiday season and letting you know I really appreciate the tips and feedback. I will definitely be incorporating that advice into my prep. I’ll put up another update later today, but by getting away from things, totally switching up the foods I was eating and incorporating more walking into my daily routine, it has definitely spiked things in the right direction again. I always worry that I won’t nail the condition, and have noticed that at 41, it’s harder to get that fat moving than in previous years! I think I’ll give it one more week doing the calorie cycling (ABCDE approach) and then move into carb cycling with more steady calories like you suggested. (albeit with higher calories as my condition tightens) 🙂

        I have to be somewhere in the vicinity of under 80kg for my division. If I’m 168cm or under I subtract 100 from my height and + 4. Class 2 is 168-178cm – 100 +6. On this week’s last low cal day (Thursday) I weighed in at 74kg, so hoping once I lose a bit more fat, I can reverse diet my way into the show. Hopefully I’ve shrunk in height over the years (which I think I might have) and make it into Class 1. Fingers crossed.


  3. Schimi
    December 26, 2015 at 10:38 am

    Olaaa amigo,

    Thank you kindly for the wishes and so do I wish you truly Merry Christmas over to Thailand;-) I’m sure you having a great time over there and all this time off in paradise will do wonders for your body and mind!

    As for my tips it’s a pleasure to give my 2 cents but to be fair buddy you are looking great at this stage conditioning wise and I believe that them pics don’t do the justice!! You’re on the right track and can “land” safely into the show. No need for drastic measures just touch more food here and there with consistent training. I think you made the right decision with increasing carbs especially if you train 6 days a week and to be honest I learned this year that my body doesn’t need that much protein and I’m down to 200-250g per day with more carbs instead as my frequency and volume is on the highish side. I kinda start on decent amount of carbs and moderate fats and switching over to more protein towards the end of prep while carb cycling. Around 4 weeks out I’m around 280-300g protein usually but the rest of the year I keep it in 200-250g range. I came to conclusion over the years that human body is designed for cycling of everything, macros,training, kind of foods etc. Human’s body adaptation is super powerful and especially the longer you’ve been training.

    Liked by 1 person

    • December 29, 2015 at 12:43 am

      “Human’s body adaptation is super powerful and especially the longer you’ve been training.”

      Yes, I’m definitely noticing this, even to the point that my body responds and feels differently (energy and health wise) by varying the actual foods eaten also. People might think I’m a bit of a “program-hopper”, but I try to “hop” strategically while always maintaining upward consistency on the things that count. The slight tweaks and changes that come from experimentation are often the difference that make all the difference for me….particularly when it comes to keeping things fresh on the mental side of things.


  4. Schimi
    December 31, 2015 at 10:22 am

    Hi Shawn,

    Yep,keeping things fresh,new and challenging yet focusing on steady progress is very important! Sometimes guys ask me what my split or program is, but I don’t really follow any as I’m more focusing on progression in 3 rep ranges and trying to beat my log book on that particular lift. I have about 10 exercises I try to beat on consistent basis in DUP fashion.

    For example today I’m gonna be training 6 days in a row cos my body feels like it,lots of food and rest over festive period helps a great deal. I’ll defo squat 5×10 and than some quads assistance work followed by shoulders&arms possibly in 10-12 rep range but it’s very likely I’ll feel like training it heavy but my body & energy levels will tell me. Basically autoregulation on the spot. I also try to finish within 50 mins every workout so I can get back to my favourite activity…festive eating:-D

    Anyway buddy, another year is beyond us and you made tremendous transformation looking really great at this stage of contest prep so let me wish ya Happy New Year and keep the improvements coming and also want to thank you for a great blog! Keep it up as I bet many of us really enjoy your blogging;-)


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