Five Bullet Friday

beevor Ardennes

What I’m Reading

With their backs against the wall, Hitler attempted one last throw of the dice in a last ditch gamble to catch the thin Allied defensive line napping in what many know as the Battle of The Bulge.

With their superior soldiers and weaponry, together with the treacherous conditions and macabre Hürtgen forest setting, the Germans came close to upsetting the Allied advance in some of the most ferocious fighting seen in the entire war.

I didn’t know much about this particular battle prior to reading this and was surprised to read about some of the notable names present during the battle – Henry Kissinger, J.D Salinger, Hemingway, Vonegut. Beevor’s military histories are beyond compare.

unforgivable Blackness

What I’m Watching

I’ve been meaning to watch this for years and I’m glad I finally got around to it. This fascinating documentary from the master, Ken Burns, profiles the life of early 20th century boxer, Jack Johnson.

Talk about an alpha-dog. In a time when black Americans were still being strung up from trees as a form of weekend community recreation, Johnson spoke and broke every existing convention and then some! This guy created the template for Ali, Connor McGregor and 50 Cent and was unstoppable during his prime. This is seriously a must-watch if you haven’t seen it already.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 1.41.02 pm

Bodybuilding News Of The Week

Bold honesty or brilliant marketing move?

Rich Piana’s Instagram/Youtube Steroid Cycle has been one of the most talked about items on social media this week with Rich laying out the blueprint for his “gain 30 pounds in 3 months” drug, training and diet program that he’ll be releasing free to all those voyeuristic and/or mad enough to follow come January 1, 2016.

(At the time of blogging this I noticed that the written out cycle has strangely disappeared from his Instagram page…)

Many commentators think that Rich is putting himself at legal risk for so explicitly outlaying such a plan and inducing others to follow it. Hopefully he’s considered all the legal angles as much as he has the PED ones, as I envision the DEA kicking in his door this New Year’s Eve mid-jab, just to make a high-profile example to all the (teenage) lemmings who’ll embark on this with him.

Quote Of The Week

Callard and crew

The Gold’s Crew with the lesser known Roger Callard on the far right

“Arnold and I were among the first guys to do cardio. I got Arnold to do it – but he’d only do it at night. He didn’t want any of the other guys to know what we were doing. We’d run a particular route we’d mapped that night and the next day, our veins would be popping! We’d go to a party and let the guys see us eating some cake. Of course, they wouldn’t see us go outside and throw this cake up on the lawn. And then we’d come back in and eat some more. This would be right before a show and it would blow the other guy’s minds. It added to the mystique. – Interview with Roger Callard

Pic Of The Week

zane classic

Frank “carved out of stone” Zane


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