Muscular Development December 2015

MD 2015 December

Ashley Kaltwasser’s ass earns the cover spot this month – not that I’m complaining, but it shows the level of decline when a chick’s rear out-angles the male competitors completely off the cover of a bodybuilding mag.

How does this….beat that???

Do The Judges Get it Right? is the topic put to the pro panel this month. With the controversial decisions that abound in this sport, the response from apologists is always, “things look different from the judges table”. The pro panel tends to agree asserting that it’s a thankless job and difficult to do when assessing the minute details that often separate the top placings.
Interestingly, Kevin confesses that if he had one even one Sandow it would have been instant retirement for him. He says that he admittedly, he just wasn’t as passionate as the men who beat him – Ronnie and Dorian.

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 12.52.55 pm

Peter McGough, Dorian Yates’ head cheerleader, pours out yet another wank piece about his idol/unrequited love. He mentions that Dorian was always ready two weeks out from the show and waiting for the contest. For the last 2 weeks he would start circuit training to deplete carbs and then the last few days would see carb loading to obtain fullness. Water would be manipulated for maximum dryness and hardness.


Dorian left nothing to chance when contest prepping.

Dorian was also big on cardio year round allowing him to enter the pre-contest phase in a more efficient fat burning mode. He began dieting 13 weeks out to lose no more than 2 pounds a week

When asked why he never jumped up and down or got emotional when he won:

“Because it never came as a surprise to me that I won.”

His post-contest answer to the question of when did he first feel confident that he had this [1996] Olym- pia won:

“About 12 months ago.”

In response to the author telling him that he’d never seen him look more relaxed, 48 hours prior to a contest [1993 Mr. Olympia]:

“You’d be fucking relaxed if you looked like this 48 hours before a contest.”

“There’s no such thing as instinctive training. If you followed your instincts, you wouldn’t think of getting under a 500-pound squat bar … you’d go down to the pub, have a couple of beers and start chasing women.”

Seems like Dorian is definitely following his instincts these days…

Bob Chicherello weighs in on the drugs/genetics equation in bodybuilding –

“Genetics for becoming a world-class bodybuilder are things like having naturally wide shoulders, a small waist, great proportion, etc. Genetic predisposition is the ability to get 100 percent (or close to it) out of whatever gear you’re taking. I knew guys in the gym growing up in Rochester, New York who took boatloads of gear … who had tremendous connections to get legitimate pharmaceutical-grade stuff, who had no money restrictions … almost all of whom I routinely beat onstage, due to the fact that I was much better off genetically and had a near-100 per- cent response to gear. More gear didn’t equalize lesser genetics— sure, it made up for a lot, but that distance got larger as the competitions got bigger. The higher you went, the more genetic elite ruled the stage.”


DLB Delts. 

Dana Bailey explains her delt training – lots of volume; reps, drop and giant sets 4-5 exercises back to back, She starts at 6-8 reps and keep doing drops till she hits 30-40 reps for a total of 150-200 for the workout.

She also thinks it’s unfair that she has to compete against those that use drugs, but it only makes her train harder.

Which is better for weight lifting?

A lot of guys using Chuck Taylors for training in (including myself) A good shoe for squatting big iron should have a non-compressible sole, a metatarsal strap that allows you to “spread the floor” with your feet during the exercise and good arch and foot support that supplies a stable platform during the lift. (Journal Strength Conditioning Research, published online September 1, 2015)

Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that neuromuscular fatigue was evident for at least 48 hours after a squat workout – so place your squats well away from competition day

Stress decreases dietary willpower- I can relate to this. When work demands ramp up my willpower levels commensurately decline.

Melatonin supplementation over a year found increases in LBM and decreases in fat percentage in women taking the supplement.

DeXA imaging for measurement of body comp remains the gold standard but typically costs $350 (i.e. a shitload) and isn’t covered by insurance.

arnold coffee

Whether smoking or drinking it, Arnold liked a brew

Regular coffee drinking is a good way to promote blood sugar regulation and prevent type 2 diabetes. It doesn’t seem to matter which kind of coffee you drink. Studies on humans have found that chronic coffee consumption reduces the risk or delays the onset of dementia by nearly 20 percent, particularly in older adults. Caffeine, antiox- idants and anti-inflammatory chemicals in coffee promote mental health.


hot stuff

This shit in the 90’s was rumoured to contain traces of Dianabol. 

10 years ago it was found that banned substances appeared in more than 25% of supplements including prescription and designer drugs – one of these supplements is called Black Ant, a sexual potency supplement, which contains amounts of siledafinil (Viagra) groups are trying to tighten the FDA stranglehold on supplements which were a mere 6 billion dollar industry in 1992 compared to the 35 billion monolith they are today.

We all know that creatine is a chemical central to the human physiological process of building mass and strength that supplementing with it seems a no-brainer. Carnitine is also a key molecule in fat burning and acts as a hostess at a restaurant escorting you to your table. Free fatty acids are either taken from the bloodstream or released from fat stores – without carting the fatty acids just sit around getting covered into fat. A primary source of carnitine is red meat so vegans are dependent upon endogenous production for 90% of the carnitine intake. However supplementation with it for fat loss is an iffy proposition with the jury still out on recommending it.

the soup.jpeg

Stem Cell Soup

INTELLICELL BIOSCIENCES offers a treatment for athletic injuries called the “The Soup” composed partially of stem cells obtained from an athlete’s own fat.  The therapy, which costs a minimum of $15,000, has been used to treat injured knees, elbows, hips and necks in high-profile athletes. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved this treatment and the science behind the therapy is largely unproven. However, existing research is positive and shows the prospect of stem cells representing a giant leap forward in the treatment of athletic injuries.

Anabolic use over time will inevitably break the body down including enlargement of the prostate and impaired cardiac function and a range of other potential issues.It’s a Faustian deal that you accept with the high implication that you’re going to trade off a few years for bigger muscle.

ANderson paritals.jpg

Paul Anderson was one of the first guys to popularise partial rep training. 

In Brad Schoenfeld’s column he tackles the debate over whether partials vs full range are better for muscle growth. It can basically be summarised in two words “do both” if you want the best of both worlds. I remember using Power Factor Training as one of my main approaches when I first started and was stunned at how much strength and muscle I gained without doing any full range movements. Even today to break a plateau in the big exercises I will work with partials to train the muscles and neural system to “get used to handling the bigger weight”.


It’s undeniable that drug use is more rampant today than it was even a decade ago.

Ron Harris interviews Bodybuilder X about his drug stack to give readers an idea of what kinds of gear are run at the pro level. Most people scoff whenever a pro is candid about their drug use, so with this guy’s name being protected under a cloak of anonymity, he can safely reveal anything he likes. With that being said he admits that usage these days is more extreme compared to the early 2000’s

  • The only sides he gets from gear is a drop in libido a month or two after a cycle but it comes back.
  • Insulin use is generally pre and post workout – some take it with every meal. He says it doesn’t work for him.
  • Most non pharma GH is shit. Pharma GH runs at around 600 dollars a kit.
  • Clen and t3 are standard – he wouldn’t touch DNP for safety reasons. GH is a must at the top level because it allows you to stay full and burn fat significantly using it. “Once I added GH into the mix, my physique took on a new look.” he offers.
  • Most pros have at least tried synthol in his opinion.
  • If he runs offseason gear it’s usually just test and either deca or equipoise.
  • This pro comes off for 20 weeks after a 20 week cycle after a show.
  • Test is being more heavily used with the introduction of armidex to keep down potential sides. It was rare to see anyone using more than a gram per week, but now some are running 2-3 grams. Most pros run considerably less than most national level guys. They don’t have to –  being genetically blessed allows them to get away with gaining more for using less.
  • Offseason – I will run 800-1,000 milligrams of test per week, along with 600 milligrams of Deca or EQ. If you can’t grow from that, you’re not doing everything else right. If your training and nutrition are on point, that should be plenty of gear to make gains on.
  • Contest Cycle
  • There are three phases:

WEEKS 20-12

  • 800-1,000 mg Test (Sustanon or Cypionate) 600 mg Deca or EQ

WEEKS 12-4

  • 600 mg Test
    400 mg Trenbolone Acetate
    400 mg Masteron
    50 mg/day Winstrol (tablet) Clenbuterol cycle – 2 days on, 1 day off,
  • 100 mcg daily
    T-3 – 50-75 mcg daily
    GH – 6 iu’s daily, all in one dose


  • 400 mg Test
    500 mg Trenbolone Acetate
    500 mg Masteron
    50 mg/day Winstrol (tablet)
    30 mg/day Halotestin
    Clenbuterol cycle – 2 days on, 1 day off
  • 100 mcg daily
    T-3 – 50-75 mcg daily
    GH – 6 iu’s daily, all in one dose
  • He spends 5-10 thousand on gear for a show – the GH bumps that figure up considerably
  • He believes there’s a sweet spot when it comes to anabolic use and anything over that is a waste of money and sets the user up for problems.

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 6.17.21 pm

Jay Cutler laments the current state of bodybuilding saying that it’s lost its lustre due to non-passionate personalities inhabiting the pro ranks and the different divisions diluting the rewards and talent pool. The men’s physique guys are not only more appealing to the mainstream, but they can stay in shape year round for photo shoots and appearances which isn’t the case with bodybuilders.
The physique division will also continue to drain the talent as the guys can reach their pinnacle much earlier than a bodybuilder who needs years to mature into his peak form.

“Maybe it is time for a change with bodybuilding. Maybe we need
a transition from trying to be a freak bodybuilder into achieving a more streamlined look, to make it more popular.”

Too late Jay – I think that horse has bolted with the direction bodybuilding went with the late 90s and there’s no putting that genie back in the bottle. Bodybuilding always was a niche subculture and will become even more so now.

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 7.23.18 pm

Jay’s current look – 20 December 2015

These days not being so active in the scene he eats about 3000 cals at four meals a day, compared to 5000-5500 cals at 260….wtf?? I had to eat 6000 and can barely break 190lbs. 3000 cals a day is a starvation diet to me….and the guy is STILL fucking HUGE for god’s sake!

Heath Olympia

An entertaining Olympia report detailing the highs and lows of the weekend kicks off Heath’s lack of hydration as his major reason behind his flat-as a pancake showing at the prejudging, It’s the third time he’s left the door open for someone else to creep through, only to slam it shut come the Finals.


Seems Cedric battles the water woes come comp time

Water manipulation also got the better of a severely dehydrated Cedric McMillian who had to pull out from the show.


Another pro shedding his own share of water last Olympia is Kai Greene. “Cry” (the drama queen) Greene get’s his editorial comeuppance for the shit stunt he pulled (yet again) on the eve of this year’s Olympia – shedding crocodile tears in an 11th hour Youtube confessional that won him a lot of sympathy – plenty of which turned to malice after the “facts” of his story were discovered to be more convoluted than his dodgy S&M posing routines.

Cry pulled his selfish sulking baby stunt because he was out of shape – pure and simple. I’m surprised he didn’t say he was attacked by Ninja Turtles ala Flex Wheeler’s bullshit excuse for not showing up at the 95 O. You didn’t sign the fuckin’’ contract Kai. You never intended to compete and all your Tony Robbins, vision quest, pseudo-psycho babble couldn’t twist that reality to your favour. Bottom line is, you let your fans down Kai. And you lost one right here.


Someone needs to remind Lee Thompson about this debacle

Lee Thompson who took advantage of the drama for his own political gain announced the launching of his own federation the NPC Global. Talk about a Sisyphean quest – go ask Vince McMahon and Wayne DeMilla some tips on how not to waste time and money competing with the only circus tent in town.

Full Body Routines were good enough for these guys…

An article on the efficacy of full body routines vs splits argue a number of advantages of TBT vs splits. More intensity and and volume can be achieved via full body workouts because the inevitable reduction in intensity as the workout progresses on a body part specific routine decreases the training effect. Also, because TBT works each body part more times per week the total body approach yields more high intensity sets per week.

A new designer steroid appeared recently, surfacing in Queensland, Australia dubbed “methylchlorstanol” by Lewellyn. It’s an oral steroid that’s still undergoing forensic testing and without a lot of real-world testing it’s hard to assess its anabolic potential. Based on its molecular structure it has low estrogenic potency, mild androgenic properties and has potential liver toxicity being a C-17 methylated steroid. Think of it as a kind of stanazol. It’s been designed specifically to help athletes avoid drug tests, but now that it’s been seized there’s no doubt it will be tested for in competitions.


Clomid only for PCT? A paper published last year discussed the treatment of “13 former steroid abusers with Clomid. The men were an average age of 25, cycled steroids for three to five years and persisted with low testosterone after steroid abstinence for one to three years. The men were given just Clomid for one week, at a dose of 50 milligrams per day. The treatment, though fairly simple and short, substantially increased LH (178%), FSH (237%) and testosterone (215%). At least in this case, the drug seemed to have a very strong and rapid effect on hormone levels by itself.” Lewellyn still recommends a PCT protocol of HCG/Clomid/Nolvadex for best PCT coverage.


The current crop of pros are asked one thing that has changed in their method of working out. Dexter thinks machines are valuable for putting on mass and training safe for the veteran gym-rat. Dennis Wolf says Yates Blood and Guts style training works well for short periods of time. Dallas McCarver says different styles of training such as rest-pause, time under tension and slower more controlled movements work instead of just slinging heavy ass weights. Vic Martinez says that proper, careful warmups are integral to his training. Most of the pros believe that fasted, early morning cardio is best for losing fat.

Haney has some inspirational words on mindset – nothing revelatory mind you, but as one of the most humble and gracious champs it’s a nice reminder to remember to build our gratitude and humility along with our muscles.

arnold moutnain

Speculation on Arnold’s cycle has seen much debate over the years. Some like Ric Drasin have said “Arnold and Franco would bring their supply from Europe. They had the best. Primobolan and Dianabol was what they used at the time. I got all that I needed from them. Franco would give me the shot, as it was a preloaded needle about three inches long! Scared the hell out of me. But, the results I got from their stuff were awesome. I blew up and got really hard on it.”

In an interview on his online show, “Ric’s Corner,” another contemporary of Arnold’s, Steve Davis, said: “A certain Austrian bodybuilder was using four Dianabol a day and one shot a week.”

It wasn’t the amount or type of drugs that Arnold took, but rather the determination and work ethic of the man that made him a champion in many fields beyond bodybuilding.

jackson trimmer

Dexter Jackson swears these things work…

Dexter is very big on the use of waist trimmers to keep the waist tight and swears that they work.

mark meataxe

MeatAxe Taylor’s Mural Artwork for Dorian’s Gym

Dorian is opening a franchise of gyms and has recruited Aussie Mark Meataxe Taylor to do the awesome murals on the walls.

Charles Glass believes a range of reps for legs gets them to grow best – “I found that I needed a good blend of rep ranges, as in eight to 10, 12-15 and 15-20, to make them grow and catch up to my upper body.”

Hany Rambod believes that long breaks from competition and even longer permabulks are a bad idea for bodybuilders because it is harder to get into condition the longer you stay at an offseason weight. “A bodybuilder should compete, on average, once a year. This gives you anywhere from six to eight months of off-season training and nutrition to improve your weak points before commencing a contest diet, and trains your body to get into great condition when you want to.”


  4 comments for “Muscular Development December 2015

  1. Matt
    December 20, 2015 at 5:10 pm

    “She also thinks it’s unfair that she has to compete against those that use drugs, but it only makes her train harder.”



    • December 21, 2015 at 7:32 am

      I know, right?


      • Schimi
        December 23, 2015 at 7:21 pm

        Honestly some pros must really believe their own lies or there’s no other explanation lol. I think they call it fabulation if I’m correct. I know personally quite a few people who use PEDs yet trying to convince everyone else they are natty than you get to hear from horse mouth aka dealer what they’re on 😀

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      • December 26, 2015 at 1:03 am

        “Fabulation”..I like that….would be a perfect title for an autobiography, haha.


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