Five Bullet Friday

What I’m Reading

Fitness Confidential

light read for the plane ride that, if it was any more lighter, would have kept the plane in the air without need for an engine. I think I was expecting a book of humorous, tell-all anecdotes about the fitness industry. Instead, it was some cyclist past his prime dispensing fitness and life tips. Awful.

“I was talking to my dentist”, I said, “and I asked him what’s the strangest thing he ever pulled out of someone’s gums. You know what he told me? There’s never any shortage of pubic hair in the there.”

What I’m Watching


Along with most of the rest of the movie-viewing world in the last week, I went in expecting to be disappointed by the new Star Wars film and instead was transported to a galaxy far, far away for two hours. I’m not going to pile on with all the nit-pickers harping on about the film’s weaknesses; Star Wars movies were never perfect to begin with. It was an entertaining holiday blockbuster and I thought Abrams did a great job.

Also watched the new Steve Jobs movie. Rather than a linear translation of the man’s life to screen, it’s more of a biopic wrapped in a business film driven by the maniacal and magnetically compelling performance of Michael Fassbender – think “American Psycho” meets “Wall Street” meets Fincher’s “The Social Network”. A box office bomb, it nevertheless has Oscar potential written all over it, due to the calibrated performances.

fassbender stelios

A more muscular Fassbender as Spartan Stelios in 300.

What I’m Listening To

Lance Joe

From the outset, Rogan drives into the murky underbelly of drug use in cycling and sports eliciting an amazingly open 2 hour interview with the fallen champion.

Quote of The Week

The beef between Shawn Ray and Lee Priest is pretty well known. Shawn went on record calling Lee “a washed up has-been” among other less than complimentary remarks.

While discussing his Mr Universe win at the age of 42, the interviewer told Priest that Shawn Ray, would now have to eat crow. To which Lee replied;

“Would be a bit hard for him to eat crow….he’d have to remove Blechman’s cock for that.”

Pic Of The Week

Prick or not, this is The Standard of Perfection™



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