Five Bullet Friday

bazaar of bad dreams

I tend not to read as many books on the holidays. I still like my 30 mins of fiction before sleeping though, and I’m a third of the way through Stephen King’s latest read, “Bazaar of Bad Dreams”. Some of the short stories so far are hit and miss. Either King is “losing-it”, or I’m becoming more of a “literary-snob. He’s at his best however, when explaining the back-stories between each narrative.

“An old man’s body is nothing but a sack in which he carries aches and indignities.”  – Stephen King

I’ve also been reading a very good blog called “Physical Culture Study” which features some excellent posts on various historical episodes and figures of the iron-game. I really recommend checking it out if you’re a fan of enriching your own knowledge of our iron-forebears. 

What I’m Watching

spectacular now

The Spectacular Now –  A coming of age story about contemporary teenage life and love. I thought “Whiplash was one of the best films of 2014 and this one features the same young male actor (Miles Teller) who starred in that movie. Brilliant performances and a moving story which is light-hearted but never pretentious or vacuous.

What I’m Listening To


The Tim Ferriss Show – 25 Great Things I Learned From Podcast Guests in 2015

I seriously need some new music recommendations for the New Year. I’m totally tapped out when it comes to liking or even finding listenable, “new-stuff”. My music tastes could best be described as “schizophrenic”. My playlist bounces all over the spectrum, but it’s been a long while since anything has grabbed me for repeat listens. The “Sapolsky Effect” claims another victim….

Otherwise, I’m a big fan of podcasts when I’m driving, cooking or cleaning. One of my favourites is the Tim Ferriss Show. Ferriss, who’s a best selling author features a variety of famous guests each week in order to study their achievements in any respective field.  25 Great Things I Learned from Podcast Guests in 2015” speaks for itself and is a spectacular listen for those wanting to reflect on, or consider aspects of self-improvement, life hacks, books or useful products for the new year. The show’s notes can also be found here for reference. 

Bodybuilding News Of The Week


Apart from Kai announcing his intentions to compete in the 2016 Arnold, it’s been a fairly quiet festive season week, news-wise. Evan Centopani’s alleged assault (Bitch-Slap-Gate) on a fan made for viral social media coverage on the various boards. Whether it’s true or not is open to speculation.

Pic Of The Week

Love these beastly black and white pics. Phil’s tricep in this shot looks otherworldly.

phil tricep



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