Five Bullet Friday

What I’m Reading

The Big Short

The Big Short – Michael Lewis

Reading this on the heels of watching the film helped explain some of the hastily pitched concepts and financial nomenclature a little better. While the book is outstanding, I’ve got to applaud how accurately and entertaining the movie brings the stories and characters to life. Looking forward to delving into some of Lewis’ previous published Wall Street reads in the future.

Killing Yourself To Live

Killing Yourself To Live

In this book, Klosterman quips, “Dying is the only thing that guarantees a rock star will have a legacy that stretches beyond contemporary relevance.” With the related intrigue surrounding celebrity deaths, he sets out on a cross country, 21 day road-trip of sorts to visit the places where various rock stars met their untimely demise. What starts out as a macabre pilgrimage turns into an introspective journey of nostalgic reminiscence set against the metaphor of pop-culture observations that only Klosterman could relate.

What I’m Watching

Bad Serial Weddings

Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au Bon Dieu?  (Serial (Bad) Weddings)

A fun little French film about a pair of conservative Catholic French parents whose four daughters marry men of different religious and ethnic origins. Obvious clash of culture gags ensue, but the on-point performances are what really makes this movie shine. Best watched with a date who’s cultured, has a brain and doesn’t mind reading subtitles.

Like Father Like Son

Soshite chichi ni naru  (Like Father Like Son)

A poignant Japanese drama about two socially disparate families who receive the devastating news that their sons were switched at birth. The ensuing moral dilemma could have easily descended into overplayed melodrama if not for the subtle performances and masterful direction of the acclaimed Koreda.

What I’m Listening To


Chris Dufey Fit-Body-Pro Podcast

Another great podcast, this week from Australian, Chris Dufey. Chris, much like Danny Lennon who I mentioned last week from the Sigma Nutrition Podcast, interviews a range of notable guests from the industry. A lot of informative and evidence based discussion on nutrition and contest prep. Really enjoying his channel.


Geard Up Podcast – Episode 123 – Eddie Robinson

Cool interview with 80’s-90’s fan favourite, IFBB Pro, powerlifter and now president of the NABBA organisation, Eddie Robinson. Eddie recounts a tonne of interesting stories from his time on the competitive scene – his experiences with the McMahon’s ill-fated WBF, squatting competitions with Tom Platz and his relationship with Weider. Robinson is disgusted with bodybuilding in it’s current incarnation and hopes to be a force in restoring some token of normalcy to his once beloved sport.

What I’m Loving


AirBnB – HouseSitting

As part of my nomadic, minimalistic approach to life I adopted in 2014, I’ve pretty much kept the same small bag of possessions (well under 100 items in total) and despite returning to Australia for work as a primary school teacher, I’ve been keeping my costs and financial responsibilities minimised by using AirBnB or housesitting for my accommodation needs.

Instead of paying the horrendous rents here which range from $400-500 and over per week, plus the expenses and hassle of bills, furniture purchases and fixed leases, I choose places to live based within a 5 minute radius of my work and gym and stay at each for a few months or however long the house-sit is for.

My need for novelty and change are constantly met – if I get sick of a place I simply pack up and move on. I get to meet a range of really interesting and different people, or when housesitting I get to be on my own in a place that isn’t mine. To top it off, I get to save the lion’s share of my income each week for travel and investment. Fuck conventional living.

Pic/s of the Week.

An homage to vintage celebrity lifters. Considering that weight-lifting was looked down upon in an era when most of these shots were taken, kudos to these celebrities who maintained their look using resistance training and exercise before it became the ‘fad-de jour” it is today.  Mitchum and Brando in particular had some god-level genetics.

Cary Grant

Cary Grant

Clint Eastwood

Enter a caption

Gary Cooper

Gary Cooper

Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando

Robert Mitchum

Robert Mitchum

steve mcqueen

Steve McQueen


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