Monday – 19 Days Out – Hamstrings and Quads


Woke up feeling good again today. I spend most of my night pissing like a racehorse lately, but I still feel pretty rested upon waking. Hit two workouts in the AM and PM still keeping the volume high but moving at a very quick clip. My fitness and cardio have improved light years the last few months and I can work it hard without breathing like a freight train between sets. I had to lower the weight a bit on the leg-press work as I started to feel my hamstrings tweak a little and didn’t want to risk any injuries this close out.

My weight dropped 4kg (almost 9lb) since Saturday which was disconcerting, but with the amount of pissing, posing and calorie restriction I’ve been doing, I can understand the sudden plunge.

Was listening to the PED Podcast released today with John Meadow’s who himself is competing at the Arnold Classic in the 212 Division. Meadows also released a pic of himself today 2 weeks out on Instagram and as you can see, brings new meaning to the phrase “grainy conditioning”. And as the pics show, his quads and hams are fucking sickening.




One of the interviewers in the Q&A also made an interesting point regarding the water manipulation and carb loading peak week protocols often employed by competitors. Paraphrasing his comment –

“The leaner you get the less water manipulation you need to do – it becomes more important the more fat you’re holding;  fat is going to hold water. The better your condition the less water problems you’re going to have. BUT carb manipulation in the last 48 hours is also vital too. If you’re flat it can make you look like you’re carrying more fat and holding water. A muscle that isn’t sufficiently full, isn’t going to be holding the skin tight , especially for the over 40 year old bodybuilders – usually in the lower abs with loose skin and glutes. If you’re not full, that issue of loose skin is going to show since it doesn’t have the “snap” of a 20 year old.”

I tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to last minute contest prep trickery and aim to keep as many of the variables constant as possible heading in to my last week. My only concern is filling out, since I can put away 1000g of carbs in 24 hours and still not feel a great pump or full the next few days. I think I need a combination of high sugars, dirty fat and sodium to maximise my look – and I’ll be experimenting with a few things the next few weeks before show day.

Another tip that I’ve appropriated from Meadows based on a previous podcast is the recommended inclusion of “Super Dieter’s Tea” to help with some last week water shedding.

dieter's tea.jpg


5:30am – Hamstrings – Serge Nubret Pump Training

zane hamstrings

Leg Curls 110lb x 12 x 4 (30 seconds rest per set)
Leg Curls 90Lb x 12 x 4 (30 seconds rest per set)

Stiff Legged Deadlifts 135lb x 12 x 8 (30 seconds rest per set)

4:00pm – Quads  – Serge Nubret Pump Training


Leg Extensions 165lb x 12 x 6 (30 seconds rest per set)
Lunges 60lb x 12 x 4 (60 seconds rest per set)
Hack Squats 220lb x 12 x 8 (60 seconds rest per set)
Leg Press 530lb x 12 x 4 (30 seconds rest per set)
Leg Press Wide Stance 350lb x 12 x 4 (30 seconds rest per set)


Meal One
One scoop Peptopro
4 Whole Eggs
4 Egg Whites
Cooked tomato, garlic and Mushroom sauce mix

Meal Two
2 Kangaroo Burgers
Cooked tomato, garlic and Mushroom sauce mix

Meal Three
1 Kangaroo Burger
1 Blended Avocado
2 Egg Whites

Meal Four
10g Almond Spread
4 Egg Whites

Meal Five
1 Scoop Vitargo
1 Scoop Peptopro

Meal Six
6 Egg Whites
Cooked tomato, garlic and Mushroom sauce mix
1 Scoop Cellucor, 1/4 cup Almond Milk, 100g Strawberries (Protein Fluff)

Protein – 217g – 54%
Carbs – 81g – 20%
Fats – 47g – 26%
Calories – 1610
cellucor chcolate










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