Tuesday – 18 Days Out – Calves, Heavy Back and Dexa Scan Results

makkaway pose down

Woke up this morning and noticed that after yet another night of on the hour urinations, I looked a lot grainier compared to normal. I am flat and depleted coming off 3 days of low carbs, but perhaps with the added fat and hard posing, my muscles seemed to look a little rounder and more defined this morning.


While at the gym I saw that a mobile DEXA van had pulled up out front and was doing scans. I said WTF and got my bodyfat levels tested. I was booked in to have a scan a week ago in the city, but because of the travel required to get there I cancelled, so it was with some irony that the van turned up.

I tested at about 7% which surprised me because I thought I would be lower. But, it’s what the machine says and I’m in the 1 percentile for my age, so it’s all good.




calves platz

5:30am – Calves – Meadow’s Mountain Dog Style

All performed superset style with Tibia Calf Raises after each set with minimum rest.

Standing Calf Raises 310lb x 10 x 4 sets
Seated Calf Raises –  45lb x 10 + 10 partials at bottom x 2 sets
Standing Calf Raise Stretches – 350lb x 30 second stretches at bottom x 2 sets
Leg Press Calf Raises – 176lbs x 20 reps x 2 sets

4:00pm – Heavy Back

arnold back

Not focusing on the weight even though it’s a “heavy” day – but still ensuring I squeeze the hell out of the contraction.

Pullups – Body Weight x 10 x 5 sets – (30 seconds rest per set)

Meadows Rows –
90lb x 8 x 1
110lb x 8 1
132 x 6 x 1

Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns to the Front
154lbs x 8 x 3
176lbs x 8 x 1

Barbell Rows
176lb x 8 x 3 (90 sec rest per set)

One Arm Hammer Pulldowns super-setted with Dumbbell Pullovers
176lb x 10 x 2 ——>superset 90lb x 12 x 2

Life Fitness Machine Pulldowns
120lbs x 20 x 2


Meal 1
4 Whole Eggs

Meal 2
2 Egg Whites
1 Whole Avocado

Meal 3
Sardines in Spring Water (84g)
4 Egg Whites

Meal 4
150g Fillet Steak
Spinach half bag and sauerkraut

Meal 5
4 Egg Whites
10g Almond Spread

Meal 6
1 scoop PeptoPro
1 scoop Vitargo

Meal 7
6 Eggwhites
Tomato, mushroom, garlic sauce
Konjac Noodles

Meal 8
2 scoops Cellucor Protein
200g Strawberries
1/2 cup almond milk

Protein – 219g – 51%
Carbs – 77g – 31%
Fats – 58g – 18%
Calories – 1720
















  2 comments for “Tuesday – 18 Days Out – Calves, Heavy Back and Dexa Scan Results

  1. Matt
    February 24, 2016 at 12:17 am

    3 days of low carb (plus pissing hourly all night) obviously reduced your lean mass (water weight), which caused DEXA to register your body fat percentage higher. Had you gone in fully carbed up, you’d have higher lean mass, which would result in a lower body fat percentage.

    I know it doesn’t really matter, but I too have had the “damn, thought I was leaner” moment.

    Liked by 1 person

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