Wednesday – 23 February – Heavy Chest – Precontest Suffering?


I was going to take the morning off and get a sleep in, but I feel so energetic that I decided to adhere to the early morning habit of waking early and keep grinding away. Momentum is everything. Daytime hunger notwithstanding, I kinda feel “guilty” that I feel so “good” and healthy.

Aussie bodybuilder Scott Goble was quoted in a recent post saying that if you’re not suffering this deep into a comp, you’re doing something wrong. I’m not sure if I’ve just adapted to the deprivation of such a long cut, or that my body simply does better on lower calories, low carbs, increased training and more “life structure”, but I don’t feel this to be the case.

The long work day is tough by any standard. Kids are draining – 8 year olds even more so. I arrive at work at 6am after a 5am wakeup and quick training session, hit the gym again at 4pm, come back to work until 9pm and am in bed by 10-10:30pm, but I feel like I can do this forever.

Strength is still holding strong and mentally I feel fine. Post workout I feel borderline euphoric and by early evening, my hunger pangs subside totally. The caloric restriction does suck some days. Of course, I’d rather be able to eat what I want, when I want, and admittedly I don’t have that energy and drive to want to rush out and conquer the universe. But there is some pleasure and pride to be derived from sacrificing and chasing down a goal to the very end. And at this moment in time, I’m grateful to be able to do this thing that I love.

Josh Lenartowicz

Really impressed with this up and coming Aussie Pro who’s himself competing in a few weeks time at the Arnold’s. Totally transformed himself in a short period of time and definitely has the goods and the smarts to battle it out on the world pro stage. Best of luck to the man whose name is a total BITCH to Google!



lee labrada
5:30 AM Cardio 12 minutes HIIT on stationary bike

Arnold's Chest Day

4:00pm Heavy Chest

Incline Hammer Press
265lb x 8 x 1
314lb x 8 x 2
Drop Set – 265lb x 5, 176lb x 8

Body Weight + 45lb x 8
BW + 90lb x 5
BW + 110lb x 5
BW + 132 x 5
Drop Set – BW x 15 x 1

Dumbbell Squeeze Press
70Lb x 8 x 3

Pec Deck
125lb x 30
147lb x 20
190lb x 15



Meal One
2 Kangaroo Burgers
4 egg whites
Konjac Noodles

Meal Two
2 Kangaroo Burgers

Meal Three
2 Kangaroo Burgers

Meal Four
3 Egg Whites
10g Almond Spread

Meal Five
One Scoop Vitargo
One Scoop PeptoPro

Meal Six
6 Egg Whites
Konjac Noodles
Spinach and Sauerkraut
Tomato, Garlic and mushroom sauce.

Protein – 201g – 66%
Carbs – 62g – 21%
Fats – 17g – 13%
Calories – 1200


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