Monday – 12 Days Out – Calves – Precontest Training Bible Review

arnold posing stage

Trying to hold everything steady now. The goal is in sight and this is usually the time my mind starts throwing up the self-sabotage demons. I’m taking the calories slightly higher now and feeling good, especially with the increased dietary fat intake, but my demons keep tempting me to “eat just a little bit more – another protein pudding won’t hurt. will it?…what’s another piece of salmon?…c’mon you can cardio it off!”

Feeling really strong in the gym to the point I feel like I can train forever in the afternoon. The hardest part of the day is the early morning and lunch time when my body is screaming to be fed to meet the demands of the draining work day.

I’ll continue to take things one egg white at a time.

The Precontest Bible – Larry Pepe – Review

PreContest Bible Pepe

Contest prep and “peaking” one’s physique is a fascinating and elusive topic with many of the “secrets” well guarded by high-priced gurus and prep coaches. It’s often a topic infested with as much voodoo as science, and it can be a difficult landscape to navigate for the uninitiated and inexperienced.

I recently borrowed a copy of the excellent, but now seemingly out of print book “The Precontest Bible” by Larry Pepe which was released a few years ago. It’s a veritable encyclopedia of all things contest prep and features the individual blueprints 32 IFBB pro athletes use to get ready for the show including their diets, supplement, training and peak week regimens. Some of the athletes featured include, Mark Dugdale, Dorian Yates, Jay Cutler, Lee Priest, Dexter Jackson Ronnie Coleman, Shawn Ray and many others.

What’s really interesting about each athlete’s plan is how each individual is a universe unto themselves when it comes to manipulating the associated variables. Some guys do 2-3 hours of cardio everyday, some do none. Some eat 6 meals, guys like Kamali eat 11. It’s randomness makes it less a science and more an art-form learned and honed over time and experimentation.

Each profile is broken down into several components:

Athlete Bio and Basic Stats:
Pre-Contest Training with detailed program examples
Pre-Contest Cardio
Pre-Contest Nutrition and Supplementation with detailed diets and notes about the structure and implementation of the diet over time.
Detailed Last Week Dialing In broken down day by day – water intake, training and cardio, macro and sodium manipulation.
Finishing Touches which includes details on Posing, Tanning, Backstage last minute enhancements and how athletes handle flying to contests.

A fun little Q&A is held with each athlete at the end of each Chapter along with additional tips to readers based on their experiences.

Despite weighing in at over 480 pages, I wouldn’t call it a definitive resource however. The science and knowledge base of  contest prep is ever-evolving. Also, I don’t think one could assume that each individual’s prep would entail following the same approach every time. No two contests are ever the same and you can never step into the same pond twice, so to speak.

The only thing not included obviously (and it is a large factor to be omitted) is the drug use, but it’s still a very valuable and fascinating read for those contemplating or already involved in the intricate process of competing. Beginners and veterans of the game will learn and be entertained by the stories and advice contained within the covers of this lengthy tome.

Inexplicably, the book is out of print and can only be found online at a few second hand dealers or Ebay stores. However, it carries a hefty pric-etag and if you’re ordering overseas like I am, the postage will set you back around the $200 mark.

I contacted Pepe directly, because I notice that he recently released a female version of the book, but didn’t receive any reply. I’d love to source an e-copy or failing that, a physical copy for my own shelves. It truly is a wonderful read and with over 700 B&W & coloured photos included, it’s a beautifully presented resource for your bodybuilding library.

Precontest Bible Womens

If you’d like to see some sample pages you can get an idea of what each profile looks like by downloading a sample.

Training – for some fucking reason I typed everything out and then the computer didn’t save it….for lack of time, I’ll have to leave this out tonight.

Arnold Franco Calves
5:30 AM – Calves

4:00PM – Heavy Back Mountain Dog Style

frank zane back double

Franco lat spread


Meal One
4 Eggs
200g Avocado

Meal Two
2 Kangaroo Burgers

Meal Three
200g salmon

Meal Four
4 egg whites
Konjac Noodles

Meal Five
3 egg whites
10g Almond Spread

Meal Six
1 Scoop Vitargo
1 Scoop Peptopro

Meal Seven
6 Egg Whites
Konjac Noodles

Meal Eight
1 Scoop Cellcuor Protein
100g berries
1/4 cup almond milk

Protein – 187g – 44%
Carbs – 83g – 19%
Fats – 71g – 37%
Calories – 1713



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