Saturday – 7 days Out – Shoulders, Posing, Chest Pump – Arnold Classic 2016 Predictions

arnold serge

Been so wrapped up in my own prep that I forgot about this weekend’s Arnold Classic in Colombus, Ohio.

I was happy to see Hitetada win the 212 Division as I don’t like Jose Raymond’s physique and think the guy’s a little too cocky and overconfident. There was some consternation in some camps regarding Hitetada’s win over Jose, but I wonder if the shredded-samurai’s posing carried him over the line at the end of the day.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 3.16.29 pm

Picking a winning lineup isn’t one of my strengths. But I also realise that a bodybuilding contest is rarely judged on physiques alone; sometimes, politics can enter the equation and there’s no more ferventa politician than Arnold Schwazenneger.

Last year Arnold famously voiced his discontent over the judging decisions made and I think that could influence a different kind of champion being selected this year. Cedric is coming off not only former praise from the Governator, but also a win the previous week at the Kevin Levrone Classic and although he was quoted as saying he believes “momentum is bullshit”, I think a win puts McMillian firmly in the sites of the judges this year.

Likewise Kai might be suffereing from some ring-rust after such an extended layoff. Also, Kai has been keeping low on the social media radar and not displaying any pics of his physique of late which is very out of character for the normally extroverted Greene. I think politically, the IFBB may also punish Kai for the shit he pulled last year, briniging the organisation and Olympia competition into disrupute over the lies he concocted regarding his being “barred from the premises” meltdown before the event.

Maybe my picks represent more wishful thinking than astute and discerning judgement, but I think Morel might sneak into 3rd and the Aussie Lenartowicz squeak into 4th. Compton will round out the 5, but won’t bring the conditioning on the day of the show of those preceding him.

I hope Branch Warren falls off his horse on the way to the venue and DQ’s himself as his physique, especially at last week’s Levrone, was a fucking travesty and doesn’t belong on a bodybuilding or any other kind of stage. If he places Top 5, then this sport truly is doomed.

629-branch-warren-59_final 629-branch-warren-73_final

My Top 5

1st- Cedric McMillian
2nd – Kai Greene
3rd – Juan Morel
4th – Josh Lenartowicz
5th – Justin Compton


Did some posing at midday today and feel that I’ve tightened up some more this week. I’ll aim to gradually dry out over the next week and tighten up considerably more, but I’m happy how things are progressing.

IMG_0032 IMG_0035 (1) IMG_0029 (1)


5:30am – Shoulders – Serge Nubret Pump Training

Smith machine seated presses – 66lbs + Bar x 12 x 6
Supersetted immediately with
Seated Lateral Raises – 20lbs x 12 x 6

1 Arm Machine Press – 45lbs x 12 x 6
Supersetted immediately with
Bent Over Dummbbell Laterals 26lbs x 12 x 6

reeves dumbbel bench

4:00pm – Chest Pump – Serge Nubret Pump Training

Incline Hammer Press – 200lbs x 12 x 8 (60 sec rest)

Incline Bench Cable Crossovers – 20lbs x 12 x 6 (30 sec rest)

Incline Smith Machine Bench Press – 154lbs + Bar x 12 x 8 (60 sec rest)

Cable Crossovers 20lbs x 12 x 6 (30 sec rest)

Dips Bodyweight x 12 x 2 (no rest)
Pec Dec 120lbs x 30 x 1


Meal 1
4 Eggs
100g Fillet Steak
200g Avocado

Meal 2
2 Kangaroo Burgers

Meal 3
4 Eggs
Konjac Noodles
10g Almond Spread

Meal 4
1 Scoop Vitargo
1 Scoop PeptoPro

Meal 5
6 Egg Whites
Konjac Noodles
1 Scoop Cellucor Protein
125g Strawberries
1/4 cup Almond Milk

Meal 6
1 Scoop Cellucor Protein
125g Strawberries
1/4 cup Almond Milk

Protein: 205g – 46%
Carbs: 90g – 20%
Fats: 65g – 33%
Calories: 1771


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