5 Bullet Friday….err, Monday.

steve reeves handshake

What I’m Reading

Cover Napoleon

Napoleon: A Life – Andrew Roberts

Roberts trudged the European battlefields and literally followed in the footsteps of Napoleon to fully realise this exhaustively researched and multifaceted portrait of the man misunderstood by history.  

Displaying a masterly command over the existing literature regarding Napoleon, Roberts has availed himself of the recently released 33,000 items of correspondence to challenge and debunk many  of the existing beliefs about the man. This is not only a highly entertaining, fascinating and educational read, but it allowed me to gain an appreciation and respect for a figure that epitomises the often misapplied label “self-made-man”. Robert’s work is truly a tour de force of historical analysis and one of those rare privileges to read.

What I’m Watching

the sheik

The Sheik

You weren’t a child from the 80’s if you didn’t follow wrestling and I had a special affinity more with the heels than the heroes. I loved the Sheik’s antics and was therefore intrigued by a documentary on his life.

As a wrestling star and bodyguard of the Shah in 70’s Iran, Hossein Khosrow fled the escalating political dangers to pursue a better life in the USA finding celebrity, tragedy, personal downfall and ultimately reinvention and cultural transcendence.

It’s an interesting portrait of a character for those familiar with the world of wrestling, it’s associated icons and melodrama.- not sure how appealing it would be to those who aren’t.

one i love

The One I Love

Is this a sci-fi-relationship-drama? A quirky-fantasy-comedy? A hard plot to discuss without unintentionally ruining it and best watched without knowing too much about it. Definitely a unique and intriguing watch. Will leave you with lots of questions by the end. 

What I’m Listening To

waking up.jpeg

Sam Harris – Waking Up Podcast

Sam Harris is a controversial philosopher and intellectual who’s appeared on most of the media outlets and is a fixture on many of the more popular podcasts such as Tim Ferris and Joe Rogan. Provocative and erudite. I always learn something from Harris’ discussions.

patrick arnold Patrick-Arnold-bodybuilding.jpg

Tim Ferris – Patrick Arnold Interview-“The World’s Most Famous Performance Enhancement Chemist”

I’m guessing very few guys in the iron game today would recognise the name ‘Patrick Arnold’, however he’s one of the most influential “behind the scenes” operators in the area of grey-market supplement innovations over the last 20 years.

A protege of the late-great Dan Duchaine, Arnold is every bit as controversial and eccentric and this interview provides a wealth of great anecdotes about performance enhancing substances as well as future developments in the industry of human performance.

Purchase I’m Loving

bose headphones

Bose Quiet-Comfort 25 Noise Cancelling Headphones

With the tagline “headphones on, world off”, there was no greater incentive for me to purchase these than that. For someone that normally would never shell out more than $10 for a pair of headphones, these $300+ are simply worth every penny. As a light sleeper and misophonic, I’ve had holidays ruined by excessive noisy neighbours, barking dogs, or long plane rides seated next to loud assholes who don’t know when to shut up. Slap these on and the world simply disappears into a vacuum of silence. The sound quality as you can expect, is amazing.

Although not ideal for the gym due to the cord, I still use them because they 100% drown out the horrible music that’s blasted through the average club’s sound system.

Pics Of The Week – WTFF? (What The Fuck, Ferrigno?)

lou wtf8

Big Louie.

Guy has always struck me as kind of an oddball, living out a life of awkwardness forever shadowed by his PTSD related Pumping Iron experiences of 1975. (Post-Traumatic-Schwarzenneger-Disorder)

Yes, he had one of the all time great physiques minus the charisma to pull off the level personal magnetism many of the other stars of the industry so effortlessly displayed. It always seemed like Lui was trying too hard no matter what the context. If you watched his appearance on the reality show, The Apprentice from a few years back, his onscreen time was some of the most cringeworthy moments of trainwreck-reality television.

I don’t want to be mean spirited, and I’m sure he’s a great guy despite every rumour to the contrary. But here’s a collection of goofy moments I found from the WTF Ferrigno archives.

ferrigno wtf4

ferrigno wtf3 ferrigno wtf2 ferrigno wtf

ferrigno flavio  ferrigno wtf6 feerrigno wtf ferrigno coffee lou billy


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