Saturday – 0 Days Out – Opinions Needed – Rocking the “Labrada”, “Mentzer”, “Viator”

Was basically poleaxed the past three days by some kind of mystery virus that had me in bed all day with vicious headaches and nausea. I could hardly move, let alone eat, so over the three days I barely hit my daily calories. Needless to say, I didn’t have any problems making weight at today’s weigh-in.

Very surprised at the weight cutoffs for this divison as well – 154lbs was the limit for my height which is fucking nothing and if I hadn’t gotten sick, I would have had to cut water to get down to that. According to the new IFBB Pro Classic, someone of my height can weigh 20lbs more.

classc weights

Things seem to be ok today, so doing my best to rally and hit my posing routine and meals. I was going to go high fat into the show, but since I’ve flattened out a lot through dehydration and low calories, I’ve added carbs to each meal to fill out a bit more.

As previously mentioned, I’m not pulling any tricks with water or sodium. I’ll have a couple of glasses of wine at night and shut water off around 10pm. My meals are still all high sodium as normal throughout the day – plus I’ll add in a burger, fries and donut at night.

Also, because I’m doing Classic, I’m thinking an homage to those mustachioed bodybuilders of old might be in order. Lot of greats have successfully sported the soup-strainer of the years, so, what do you think? Rock the ‘stash or not?

My Top 10 Muscle-Stashes.



Lee Labrada95


bill burney








Roger-Callard (1)




peter grymkowsju


Rusty (1)


Honourable Mention




Meal One
4 Eggs
200g Avocado

Meal Two
Aburi Salmon Sushi

Meal Three
Aburi Salmon Sushi

Meal Four
200g Fillet Steak

Meal Five
Small Chips
100g Milo Ceral with Almond Milk
Aburi Salmon Sushi

Protein: 251g – 21%
Carbs: 479g – 41%
Fats: 195g – 38%
Calories: 4754



  2 comments for “Saturday – 0 Days Out – Opinions Needed – Rocking the “Labrada”, “Mentzer”, “Viator”

  1. March 12, 2016 at 4:38 pm

    Combine the Corney moustache with some smooth jazz and your onto a winner me thinks! Best of luck with the comp!


  2. March 12, 2016 at 7:37 pm

    Only if you curl the ends up à la Sandow. Can’t beat that classic look 😉


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