Monday – Danny Hester Wins IFBB Pro Classic

Been feeling like hell all day heading back to work one day after the show with a pounding headache and a need for sleep. Straight back onto the low carbs-low cal diet.

Shit almost went awry when I found out at midday that the contest this year wasn’t covering any of the flight or contest expenses for overall winners compared to previous years which is really disappointing.

The expense for me to travel to the opposite end of the country, pay the registration fees, accommodation, unpaid time off work and all the other huge costs associated with this almost forced my hand to give it up. But at the last minute, when I had just had just bought a tonne of junk food and was preparing to binge-away my sorrows, my long time friend of over 20 years came through with the cash to help me out.

Man, once again, I owe you one and am forever grateful.

Danny Hester Wins IFBB Pro Classic

hester classic

Back in the 1990’s, Danny Hester was THE biggest influence on me to get serious with bodybuilding. Being around the same height, weight and age, he had a look that I could identify with and always thought, “man, I could possibly achieve that someday”. He was contracted with EAS and Muscle Media, but featured in a lot of magazines for his marketable look.

I would collect every pic and cover I could find and visualise one day developing the kind of physique that Hester had.

danny hester cover

One of my all time favourite covers – I remember buying this one with Vinny Galanti and Hester on the cover way back.

danny hester danny hester 2

On the weekend, Danny won the first ever IFBB Pro Classic at the same time that I also won the overall Classic in my state. An almost poetic kind of symmetry I would say.




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