Post Contest Momentum

wounded soldier

I normally dislike these “philosophical success” oriented posts, but needed the reflective capacity of a “brain dump” that journalling affords.

When I look back on previous life “wins”, one of the biggest mistakes was taking too long to bask in the glory and accompanying afterglow of victory.

Achieving any goal involved a process of creating mini habits that when added up over time, contributed to success. As a bonus, creating solid routines made the complexity of life’s jigsaw fit together more easily, and turned the noise down on things (and people) that didn’t really matter.

Creating discipline in one area, for example, strictly monitoring my diet and training, seemed to have an inevitable flow on effect which enriched and affected my levels of discipline in all the other areas of my life also.

Excellence is a habit and it’s a contagious reach inevitably “infects” the other dimensions of one’s daily routine so that everything eventually flows with a level of synchronicity.

Conversely, I also found that when I’d achieved a goal and the positive pressure was released, I’d abandon these routines, and bit by bit, life would descend into some kind of meaningless slump again.

Basically, I failed to capitalise on the momentum and channel the energy towards achieving something else; something bigger and more exciting

arnold martial arts

Arnold was the master of formulating goals, devising a solid plan and tactics, and then conquering the shit out of them. “Staying Hungry” was a life philosophy that has served him well.

It’s insidious creep, because long term failure begins with the daily abandonment of the above mentioned “success practices” and this then compounds over time.

Life, like the anabolism, is always moving in a positive or negative direction.

You see this phenomena with people who start an exercise or eating program. They race out the gate gung-ho, then inevitably, “life happens”, something crops up and they miss a day of training here and there. The days missed turn into weeks until eventually, the program is a forgotten footnote in their history of “past failures”.

An example from my own life is this blog. In the last week I recognised that I blogged pretty much everyday while dieting those last few months, and then once it was all done, I backed off and the updates became less and less until I would have eventually said “ahhh fuck it” and abandoned it until next time I pulled my finger out of my ass.

And, just a chain reaction of mini-habits sets a person up for success, I’ve also experienced that the dominos are equally prone to fall in the other direction once inertia sets in.

While my fellow competitors are now proclaiming “fat and happy” status aloud on social media like it’s some kind of virtue, I thought I’d maintain form a little while longer so that I can direct that “hunger” into a something new.

The ideas are already brimming forth with alarming alacrity.




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