Fortitude Training And Diet Examples – Doing More With Less

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A few people have asked me to write a post showing what a typical week of Fortitude Training looks like. So this week, I’m going to revert back to a daily blog format demonstrating how this kind of training fits together with my rotating calories and macros diet plan.

My current diet isn’t the one Dr Scott Stevenson refers to in his Fortitude Training book. I’m back to using an Intermittent Fasting approach, fasting for 16-18 hours a day and eating during a window for 6-8 hours.

I’m heading into my 3rd week of Fortitude Training and thought I was hitting the wall last week. I was beginning to feel very drained despite being on holidays, eating healthier and feeling less stress overall. Something didn’t feel right, and I thought it might have been hitting failure on so many sets per workout.

I seem to have adapted because the workouts so far this week have been awesome. Great pumps and with the movements themselves feeling very fluid with little grinding of reps.

I have picked up some niggles again in my hip-flexors and shoulder due to going heavy on some exercises, but I will be switching back to high volume and high frequency again once this blast is done.

I’ve found that the higher reps/sets combination always helps with lubricating my joints and promoting inter-workout recovery. I like the challenge of heavy training, but for my goals, I just don’t feel its sustainable long term.

I’ll always maintain that training philosophies are better viewed in the tactical sense – I’ll never be married to one “system” over another, just as I wouldn’t use a hammer to the exclusion of all other items in my toolkit no matter how much I loved HITting things with my “hammer (strength)”.

Selection of the right tools is where the intuitive “art” of training meets the analytical “science”. You need to be able to appreciate and utilise both if sustainable progress is your goal.

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Day 1 – Fortitude Training – Lower Body – Loading Sets (6-12 reps) Upper Body (Pump Sets – 15-25 reps)

Most sets are taken to positive failure or a rep short of.

Front Squat – 110kg x 8
Leg Curls – 95kg x 10
Front Squat – 110kg x 9
Leg Extensions – 125kg x 12
Lunges – 36kg dumbbells x 12 per leg
1 Leg Bulgarian Squats x 30 per leg x Body weight

Seated Calf Raises- 30kg x 20 x 5
Tibia Calf Raises (Dorsi Flexion) 30 x BW x 5

Incline Hammer Press – 110kg x 15 + 10 partials in top position
Close Grip Pulldown – 77kg x 15 + 10 partials in top position
Incline Hammer Press – 110kg x 15 + 8 partials in top position
Dumbbell Rows – 30kg x 15 + 10 partials

Lateral Raises – 9kg x 25 x 3 sets

Cable Curl – 21kg x 25 x 2 sets
Tricep Rope Pushdowns – 21kg x 25 x 2 sets

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Loving being back on an Intermittent Fasting setup. I’m keeping the calories and protein low in order to:

  1. Give my body a bit of a detox
  2. It’s comfortable and I’ve adjusted amazingly well to low calories.
  3. I’m gaining strength and weight very easy still, When I plateau, a small, simple upward calorie adjustment should see an increase in growth. I’ve learned there’s no point in launching into some arbitrary large macro number right off the bat, when you can still elicit and eke out growth with the lower numbers.

Meal One (Around 1pm)
200gm chicken
Cauliflower, onion, garlic and red pepper soup
4 spinach pancakes – (500g spinach, 1 egg, 1/4 oats shredded into breadcrumbs, 1/4 cup lite shredded cheese)
4 tsp Chobani 0.5% yoghurt

Meal Two (Around 3:00pm)
3 egg whites
10g of Almond Spread
1 Scoop Vitargo
1 Scoop Peptopro

Meal Three (Around 5:30-6pm)
200gm chicken
Cauliflower, onion, garlic and red pepper soup
4 spinach pancakes with 4 tsp Chobani 0.5% yoghurt

Protein – 158g
Carbs – 137g
Fat – 36g
Calories – 1557

36% Carbs
22% Fat
42% Protein



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