Month: July 2016

Muscular Development July Review

Blechman touts Cedric McMillian to be the 2nd coming of Arnold Schwarzennerger in this month’s Muscular Development which might explain Arnold’s effusive gushing over Cedric’s physique as representing the gold standard for modern bodybuilding in recent years. Kevin and Shawn reflect on their respective runner up placings over their competitive years, opining on what they would…


Wendler’s Building The Monolith – Day 1

It’s the “off-season” and that means it’s time to gain some size! I’ve been using Wendler’s 531 for the past 6 weeks and have had some nice strength gains, but it’s time to ramp it up and start some serious hypertrophy training and eating. I’ve been priming my body for a good offseason since the…


Five Bullet Friday

What I’m Reading Bending Adversity – Japan and the art of Survival – David Pilling The Japanese propensity to embrace adversity as a stepping stone for revolutionary change is embedded in its history, language and national character. Since the burst of its economic bubble in the 80’s, the Japan of the last 30 years has…